Our Services

Our Services

​Play Therapy

Play is the main tool for communication in young children. Using classic play therapy techniques, children are able to establish a trusting rapport and identify and work through a range of feelings and thoughts related to life events. 

Parenting Support

Focused on specific and concrete strategies to use at home, developing a deeper understanding of child development, and learning to set appropriate expectations for children of all ages and developmental levels. Therapists can support parents in feeling a connection with someone who understands their children’s behavior through a developmental lens, and can provide parents a safe place to understand and express their own feelings related to parenting a child.

Social Coaching  

Modeling and coaching children through the use of social scripts, sand tray therapy, bibliotherapy, and play structure can lay the foundation for stronger social skills for children.  Using exposure and repetition of these skills in a play-based atmosphere engages children to become more able to navigate social situations with peers in a variety of settings.

Difficult to Engage Teens

Teenage years can be difficult, both for the teenager themselves and for the parent!  Established teen therapists provide a keen ability to form a rapport and work with teens to identify and understand their feelings and behaviors, working toward more balanced mental health and well-being, happiness, and stability at home.

Family and Couples Counseling

Providing a wide range of family systems theory and work, our family and couples counselors meet families where they are at, and encourage growth and healing.  Therapists invest themselves into understanding the dynamics of the whole relationship as well as the individual pieces that impact the whole.  Sessions are tailored to the unique needs of the therapy, and there is much flexibility and movement in a treatment plan to best meet the needs that may come up within the family system.

Home or Community Based Services

There are  times it is important to work with a client in a home or community setting, either to understand certain behavior or dynamic better, to model specific skills related to this setting, or because a client is unable to travel into an office setting. Out of Office Sessions are considered  during these times, although may not be covered by all insurances.

Collaborating with School or Medical Providers

Interdisciplinary connections are pivotal in providing the most comprehensive care to a client as they journey to wellness.  Working closely with prescribing medical providers, advocating with school team members to provide the most accurate accommodations for a student, or sharing important information with any team of providers is a service we take great care to provide.

Child Counseling

Working with younger children is a unique therapeutic skill that our child therapists have mastered through in ~depth training and specialized education. Play, sand tray, game therapy, music, and art are all central to the care and nurturing that create a central focus for the work with children. Our therapists believe that a central trusting relationship is the foundation of this work, as well as working closely with a child’s family to address concerns.

​Individual Adult

Finding the right fit with a therapist is the most important piece of feeling support and care as adults journey into self-understanding and healing.  Adult clients seek support for so many reasons, and we believe that having a trusting relationship with a therapist who works to understand all of the pieces that make up the whole is a fundamental part of therapy. While are therapists are all strength-based, each one brings a slightly different approach to the therapeutic process.