Payments can be made directly with your credit card through our Stripe payment system here.

Clients can request invoices for service that will come through the client portal by email. This will also give you an option to pay directly to us using the Stripe option, or to bring payment with the invoice to next session. 

Clients wishing to use a Health Savings Fund credit card must use our Stripe option for payment. 

Payments can also be given in cash at time of service, or by check made out to “ Life Stages Counseling”.

Billing Questions

Including Fee for Service and Payment issues, can be directed to our Billing Director at Life Stages Counseling

Make a Stripe Payment

Please fill out this form to be directed to the page for credit card entry.



Our fees range from $129.00 to $169.00, depending on the service provided.

You will work directly with our billing director to understand your insurance benefit. We accept many insurances that will provide payment directly to us, leaving our clients to be responsible  only for their copay or deductible at time of service. Depending on your insurance carrier, we can most often offer direct billing to your insurance company. Please be aware that benefits quoted by insurance companies are not guaranteed, and clients are ultimately responsible for all incurred charges at Life Stages regardless of insurance reimbursement to Life Stages.   

Fees are due at time of service. Next sessions are not completed until past session payments are completed in full. There are several ways to make payments to Life Stages. See below for more information.

Attention Clients: Please note that it may take up to 90 days from the date of service for you to receive a statement detailing your patient responsibility.  Most of our clinicians bill on a monthly basis, and we must allow 30-45 days for insurances to process claims. Client statements are mailed out once per month to the address on file. If you would like to pay through your client portal, please email our billing department and they will upload your invoice into your client portal. It will then be sent to you by email and you can use your credit card through our Stripe payment system (below) to pay your bill.