About Us

Our Practice

Welcome to Life Stages Counseling, a place where you will find support, healing, and non-judgmental therapy from experienced therapists. Life Stages Counseling is a clinical therapy practice that offers  counseling services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

Most people experience some times in their lives that are difficult. Even normal life events such as children developing, experiencing a loss, parenting a child, personal growth, school or work -related stress, or the ending of a relationship, can cause us to feel intense emotions. During a challenging time, it can be helpful to speak with a trained therapist who can offer support and who can work together with you on a plan to ease your stress.

At Life Stages Counseling, our goal is to provide strength based and person- centered counseling. We believe that each person’s mental health is an important part of their wellness and satisfaction with their life. We know that there isn’t just one approach that works for everyone or every issue so we design our treatment to meet the individual needs of each person, using the best available therapeutic approach.

We are a team of eleven committed, highly qualified and experienced therapists. Each therapist is licensed by New York State. Our therapists include both Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Mental Health Counselors who are ready to offer you support for every life stage, every step of the way.