Lynn Podhaski

Lynn has over 30 years of experience as a therapist, working with adults, adolescents and couples.  His past experience also includes work as a supervisor in a large clinic, offering mentoring and training to other therapists.  He understands that no two people are alike and each person starting therapy brings with them their unique set of life circumstances and individual temperament.  He draws on his extensive experience to address the needs of each person.  Therapy is not so much about technique as it is about a  therapeutic relationship.  In the context of that relationship Lynn may draw on a number of therapeutic approaches.  Some that he has found most helpful include working with one’s life narrative or story and an approach called mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy.  Both of these approaches involve looking at and understanding how habitual ways of thinking influence feelings and behavior.  Lynn has also worked with many individuals who have experienced life changing trauma.  People who come to therapy wanting to be free of the negative effects of trauma need first of all a relationship of trust as a kind of base from which the therapy can proceed.   Lynn feels grateful to be able to be a part of a collaborative process working towards change in his client’s lives.

Email: [email protected]