Deborah Loewe

Deborah received her MSW from Rutgers University and has been working in the field of social work in a variety of positions for the past 25 years. Deborah's positions have included working as a Hospice and Oncology Social Worker and as a Mental Health Therapist in a community Mental Health agency. For the past 8 years she has been working as a Day Treatment therapist for Franziska Racker Centers with children with a variety of mental health diagnosis and their families. Deborah's varied experience has given her the opportunity to work with individuals with many types of issues across the life span. She has some training in art therapy and as a lover of art, enjoys bringing creativity to the therapeutic process. Deborah believes that each individual has within them innate wisdom which can be a guide to their own healing and growth . She sees the therapeutic process as a journey toward that wisdom and as a container to nurture that growth. Currently, Deborah is specializing in working with teens and adults with relational, mood, anxiety and trauma issues. Modalities include psychodynamic, CBT and mindfulness practices.

Email: [email protected]